1.0.3 Hotfix (beta)


  • Audio optimizations to lower the memory footprint.
  • Fixes to overall game stability and added logging.


  • Fixed a rare bug that failed to turn on the ignition in AI cars.
  • Fixed driver swap missing in Race 2 of career race weekends.
  • Fixed autosave not storing tyre set wear data.
  • Fixed random weather not randomizing ambient temperature.
  • Fixed potential issue not auto saving replays


  • Fixed disabled driver foot animations in the Mercedes-AMG GT3.

1.0.2 Hotfix


  • The .exe now starts in “-nohmd” mode if “-vr” is not specified.
    This now allows direct shortcuts with “-vr” command and reduces the number of required launch modes in Steam.
  • Fixed a crash when pausing the game from the helicam.


  • Added savegame system in Career and Championship modes.
  • Savegame feature is not available in Hotlap and Hotstint mode
  • Improved general .json encoding system.
  • Added structure to manage multiple savegames (Single Player).
    NOTE: not yet enabled in the public build.
  • Added auto-saving after complete sessions in Career and Championship.
  • Fixed driver stint status in savegame.
  • Fixed incorrectly forced 10-minute driver stint length in championship and career.
  • Fixed inaccurate session results in some savegames.
  • Fixed Fanatec LEDs building in reverse order (due to a change in the Fanatec SDK).
  • Updated controller presets.
  • Fixes to MP replays (e.g. flickering spawned cars when the replay was shorter than the session).
  • Fixes to game stability.
  • Tweaks to accident/yellow-flag highlights.
  • Fixed a bug of ‘ghost cars’ appearing in some cases in multiplayer highlights.
  • Added option to customize weather for championship rounds.
    NOTE: selecting “Custom” weather allows the player to customize the weather for every championship round before each event.
  • Fixed end-race cameras and car positions (e.g. back from replay after end-race highlights).
  • Fixed HUD disappearing after trying to play an invalid replay.
  • Revised AI skill levels in Career in various difficulty settings.
  • More straightforward session-end:
    Added status message at the end of sessions informing the player to wait for all opponents to cross the finish line before proceeding to the next session.
  • Fixed ignition turning off when killing the engine during pit stops.
  • Fixed championship points not getting assigned in Custom mode.

1.0.1 Hotfix


  • Added savegame system in Career and Championship modes.
    NOTE: save file is currently limited to uint8, so player names with special characters might not save correctly.
  • Added multiple savegames system.
  • Tweaked pit location message for accuracy.
  • Fixed wrong dynamic weather appearance during replays.
  • Enabled reverse button for the replay HUD.
  • Fixed a crash with a specific TV camera at Silverstone.
  • Fixed controller issues in Q2 and R2 sessions of Career events.
  • Fixed crash on Championship grid generation when circuit had too few pit boxes.
  • Fixed wrong audio message when the current penalty is worsen.
  • Added cut warning and drive through penality audio messages.
  • Fixed points not loading right away in Main Career page.
  • BAT shortcuts added for Oculus and SteamVR launch modes for external game start.
  • Fixed wrong physical pit entry zone at Silverstone that lead to confusing penalties.
  • Fixed crash when drivers join under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed spectator mode slot assignment.
  • Fixed Silverstone short formation lap not triggering correctly.
  • Fixed “too slow” (TR+CC) for tricky corners like Eau Rouge.

Changelog Version 1.0.0


  • Added Porsche 911 (991) GT3 R.
  • Added Porsche 911 (991II) GT3 Cup.
  • Added Mercedes-AMG GT3.
  • Added Audi R8 LMS.
  • Added Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo (2015 Model Year).
  • Added McLaren 650S GT3.
  • Added Bentley Continental GT3 (2018 Model Year).
  • Added Aston Martin Racing V12 Vantage GT3.
  • Added Reiter Engineering R-EX GT3.
  • Added Lexus RC F GT3.
  • Added Honda/Acura NSX GT3.
  • Added Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona).
  • Added Silverstone Circuit.
  • Added Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.
  • Added Brands Hatch Circuit.
  • Added all drivers, teams and unique car liveries from the 2018 European Blancpain GT Series.
  • Switched to UE 4.22.
  • CPU optimizations that should bring significant improvement on all tracks.

Multiplayer + Rating Update

Kurz vor dem bevorstehenden Release von Assetto Corsa Competizione wurde ein großes Multiplayer + Rating Update vorgestellt.
Das Competition-Rating (CP) ist jetzt erstmals freigeschaltet und ab einem Racecraft-Rating (RC) von 50 verfügbar. Es stellt die Grundlage der nun neu eingeführten Competition-Server dar. In diesem neuen Modus tritt man auf Servern gegen andere Simracer mit einem vergleichbaren Rating an. Die Rennen dauern 60 Minuten und werden laut Aussage im offiziellen Forum von Kunos hohe Anforderungen (ein minimales SA von 80-90 steht im Raum) haben.

Für den Multiplayer-Modus wurden auch einige Änderungen eingeführt: Die maximale Slot-Anzahl der Server wird jetzt durch die geforderten Track-Medaillen bestimmt. Dabei gilt die Formel:

Slots = (Safety Rating) / 4 + (Track Medals)

Eingeführt wurden zudem ein Zuschauermodus, Fahrerwechsel für Langstreckenrennen und detaillierte Optionen für die Servereinstellungen. Die Broadcasting API  wurde ebenfalls wieder aktiviert.

0.7.2 Hotfix

  • Fixed qualifying rule bug in Custom Race Weekend when the number of race sessions set were fewer than the number of qualifying sessions.
  • Fix for cut warnings used in non-race sessions.
  • Improved AI behavior under braking in traffic.
  • Added AI reaction time at race start.
  • Cars lapping the focused car now indicated red on the real-time display.
  • More consistent real-time display.
  • Fixed controls lock issue after a race restart.
  • Enabled refueling in Multiplayer pitstops.
  • Fixed potential freeze/crash in Multiplayer.
  • In Multiplayer, players who are late to press “Drive” before the formation lap will be sent to pitlane with controls locked.
  • Fixed mandatory pit calculation for AI if Driver Stint pitstop mode is selected.
  • More reliable blue flag triggers.
  • On race-end, the real-time display now shows the official finish position.
  • Fixed track getting dry too quickly when rain goes down in small increments.
  • Disabled “Remove fastest lap” penalty from practice and qualifying.
  • Fixed MFD taking mouse focus away from the Pause menu.
  • Possible fix for missing Force Feedback in VR mode.
  • Fix to a bug that switched the F3 camera set when switching cars (both in replay and in game using shift+arrows).
  • Improved manual and automatic clutch issues and functionality.
  • Fixed VR navigation in the Multiplayer lobby page.
  • Navigation is now possible in the MFD in VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug in dynamic weather that removed the starting rain from the Light Rain preset with dynamic mode enabled.
  • Fixed replay searching for a car that is already disconnected in Multiplayer.
  • Added priority to player-related penalty messages in race communication.