0.6.2 Hotfix

  • Fixed wrong first lap time when start-finish line is crossed before the green light.
  • Fixed AI erratic speeds during formation lap.
  • Added lumirank update in replay.
  • Enabled detailed animations in onboard cameras.
  • Added session over message for qualifying/practice.
  • Improved AI pace at Monza and Nurburgring.
  • Added intermediate solution to run the formation sequence in Multiplayer. Overtakes may happen, but enables controlled formation sequence.
  • Fixed protocol mismatch on the rating backend, resulting in wrong data.
  • Fixed SA Rating working in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed RC Rating preventing data being stored in Multiplayer.
  • NOTE: Due to incompabilities with the data, the Rating Profiles will be reset again.
  • Fixed end-sequence in Multiplayer: spotter annoucement, checkered flags and so on will now be correctly triggered.
  • Fixed formation sequence not starting when the leader is in the pits.
  • Fixed rare crash in the Multiplayer server, possibly also crashing connected clients.
  • Fixed races not showing time gaps in Multiplayer races.
  • Fixed tyres not being correctly selected based on dynamic weather conditions along with the setup.
  • Added “Official Test Server” opened for experimental features and testing. See the official support forum.
  • Fixed search and password text input issues in VR.

0.6.1 Hotfix

  • Added rear-view camera display in Lamborghini Huracán GT3.
  • Consistent mirror resolution in all cars.
  • Fixed ghost car not working in some instances.
  • Ghost car now has a more stable render.
  • Fixed replay highlights increasing with longer sessions.
  • Fix to mirror resolution default.
    NOTE: defaults to intended default resolution (MID) without changing anything. The EPIC setting is now eliminated. No action required from the user.
  • Added presession timer to MP.
  • Fix to false-positive DQ resulting from teleporting to pits.
  • Fixed standings widget not updating total player count.
  • Fixed driving camera resetting after entering and leaving the pause menu.
  • Fixed both Nissans’ setup ECU values, now start from 1.
  • Fixed potential issue with road effects settings not loading properly.
  • Race communication durations edited for important messages.
  • Race results now show gaps to leader.
  • AI skill and aggressiveness sliders remember last set values across game modes.
    NOTE: AI values will reset after initial launch so pay attention when playing for the first time.
  • Informative help snippets added when selecting each graphics setting.

Neue Ingame-App “Helicorsa”

Angelehnt an die bereits existierende App Helicorsa, welche von Minolin (der jetzt für Kunos arbeitet) für Assetto Corsa entwickelt wurde, gibt es jetzt auch für Assetto Corsa Competizione ein entsprechendes Ingame-Overlay. Zu sehen sind die sich im direkten Umfeld des Fahrzeugs befindlichen Gegner und deren relative Positionierung zum eigenen Fahrzeug. Dadurch und durch eine zusätzliche farbige Hervorhebung je nach Position des Gegners gelingt es so auch in brenzligen Situationen den Überblick zu behalten.

Early Access v0.6

– Added Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2018 model year.
– Added Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2015 model year.
– Added Monza Circuit.

– Driving (F1) cameras reworked: added two more driving cameras (dash pro – with car hidden intended for built cockpits – and far chase), game now remembers last used camera and added option to lock/hide driver and steering wheel per car. Lateral camera adjustment now also exposed in the View Settings.


Early-Access-Release 6 verschiebt sich weiter

Wie im offiziellen Kunos veröffentlicht, verschiebt sich das neuste Update weiter auf unbestimmte Zeit. Hauptgrund sei der Wunsch ein stabiles Update zu liefern. Auch bezogen auf den Fortschritt der fertigen Simulation und damit Version 1.0 scheint es Verzögerungen zu geben: “Unerwartete und interessante News” stehen laut Aussage der Entwickler bevor.

Forum: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/assetto-corsa-competizione-early-access-release-6-further-news.54993/#post-1024984

0.5.2 Hotfix

– Jaguar collider fixed with soft collisions 
– Minor updates to Zolder 
– Fixed look back input using a controller binding
– Fixed wrong sound played in UI when Zolder is selected 
– Fixed look left/right with chase camera when Lock to Horizon is enabled 
– Fixed camera pitch change when Lock to Horizon is enabled 
– Enabled look left/right with dash and bonnet cameras

Early Access v0.5


– New Emil Frey Jaguar G3 car.
– New laserscanned Circuit Zolder racetrack.

– New special events with online leaderboards. 
– Fixed disappearing main menu UI in VR.
– Texture memory optimizations.
– Fixed a chase cam rotation bug.
– Fixed a TV camera bug.
– Car light improvements in TV camera views.
– New inertia calculation method and new more accurate inertia value (advice for setups, use softer fast damper to let the body move and settle, instead of having the car and wheels jumping)
– New motion ratio calculation for dampers resulting in more accurate values dedicated for each car.
– New ABS feature. ABS now never lets higher than 70% difference between left and right brake pressure. Improves behaviour on extreme torque vectoring, like braking and going through a water puddle with one side of the car, but can result in inner wheel locking if driver insists braking hard while turning into a turn. Might need more rear brake bias on certain cars.
– Improved ABS logic, resulting in better turn-in under braking, on certain cars (most notably modern cars such as the Huracán, F488, BMW M6).
– Improved TC off on gear-change functionality. TC is instantly switched off and on again when a gearchange occurs, in order to protect the engine and drivetrain from heavy vibrations, especially on situations where kerbs and the engine limiter are involved (part of real cars’ TC logic too, occasionally they will even not allow the gearchange). Now the TC off timing is car-dedicated and optimised. Some cars might handle a gear change better than others.
– Improved tyre thermal model, especially wet tyres.
– Improved tyre grip when tyres are overheated, such as after a spin.
– More tyre wear when tyres are overheated, no free meal.
– Corrected bumpstop position and functionality of the Ferrari 488 GT3.
– New ECU maps for all cars. ECU maps now influence power, fuel consumption and throttle maps. Usually the lower number is the more powerful and has the most power consumption. After the initial 3-4 values, it switches to wet ECUmaps with similar power and fuel consumption but different throttle maps. Please check the official forum for all the released cars’ ECU map characteristics.
– New launch control for all cars. Now with manual clutch, just engage 1st gear, put the clutch and accelerator to the floor and the engine will stabilize around 5000rpm. Release the clutch gradually while keeping the accelerator fully open to avoid stalling. 
– Audio engine optimizations
– Fixed potential wrong volumes switching cameras
– Fixed time multiplier for the end race replay
– Fixed wrong trackmap cars position during replay
– Intro sequence updated

0.4.2 Hotfix

– Fixed AI pit strategy when restarting the session
– Fixed transmission whine not audible in cockpit views
– Tweaked transmission whine for Lamborghini Huracàn GT3
– Improved reverberation for Nurburgring pit alarms
– Tweaked tire puncture sound
– Fixed some surfaces sounds not audible driving in reverse
– Added end race simulation for the car who are not able to cross the line during Post session time
– Fixed team strategy timing issues in next sessions
– Fixed final standing bug with lapped cars
– Fixed various softlock issues with rapidly going in and out of the options menus
– Fixed enter not working as default selector button in the for control assignment screen
– Fixed control assignment popup not being closeable with Esc
– Fixed softlock going in and out of the meteo, realism, assists screens
– Track selection is now persistent in all single player game modes
– Fixed camera when opening the replay twice in a row from the menu
– Fixed car state during replay
– Text keyboard input in VR (“Save” and “Rename” in Car Setup and Controller Setup, and “Server search by name” in the Multiplayer page)
– Fixed some possible multiplayer crashes
– Fixed a crash in VR when skipping Race 1 in a Race Weekend
– Fixed incorrect flashing light when opponent visibility is not set to ALL
– Fixed possible crash entering the game
– Fixed wrong start resolution/mode in some cases
– Fixed hotstint length not setting properly