0.1.1 Hotfix

  • fixed AI remaining without fuel 
  • fixed crash caused by faulty recognition of T500 Gear Shifter 
  • fixed time loop after midnight 
  • added starter and ignition command on Controller Page 
  • fixed car lights not working when opponents visibility video option is used 
  • fixed backfires and other particles visible on hidden cars when opponents visibility video option is used 
  • fixed misleading option values with AA and visible opponents 
  • fixed marshal spline detection 
  • expanded camera FOV and frame rate limits 
  • visual and LOD tweaks to the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 
  • disabled saving the discord username for in build configuration 
  • slightly increased the retry-interval after a disconnect from the servers 
  • added proximityIndicatorsVisible setting to hud.json 
  • fixed music looping in some conditions 
  • tweaked volume for reverb zones

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