1.8.10 Hotfix

  • VR: TAA5 area mask optimization in stereo rendering now defaults off to remove artefacting.
  • Fixed asymmetry in some Audi R8 GT3 Evo setups.
  • Tweaks to the BMW M4 GT3 aero model.
    Balancing tweaks for the following cars and track categories:
  • BMW M4 GT3 – all track groups.
  • McLaren 720S GT3 – all track groups.
  • Zolder regrouped as D1 for 2021/Open season for better overall balance.

1.8.9 Hotfix

  • Potential fix for pitlane status and opponent invisibility getting stuck for opponent netcars in certain scenarios.
  • Added 100Hz legacy option for FFB frequency for older wheels.
  • Fixed an issue with mouse potentially stealing focus in the MFD and creating a double selection.
  • Potential fix for compatibility with some older GPUs.
  • Yellow flagged car on the track map now always shows on top.

1.8.7 Hotfix

  • Removed obsolete nickname entry from first-time driver info popup.
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour of steer assist with controllers.
  • Fixed AI selecting wrong tyres in wet sessions.
  • Fixed skip session function resetting ideal line wetness to fully dry, regardless of the conditions.
  • Fixed potential session hang with high number of opponents at Spa.
  • Fixed a potential crash scenario in saved games and weekend progression when the AI change setups.
  • Corrected Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo engine power at Mount Panorama (IGTC A).
  • Added Leaderboard overlay as bindable input.
  • HUD: increased maximum range of safe zone (margin) width.
  • VR: fixed flickering window in SteamVR when using spectatorScreenMode=0.

1.8.6 Hotfix

  • Fixed inconsistencies when editing the driver profile name abbreviation.
  • Fixed a visual issue that occasionally left the airjack visible while driving or in replay.
  • Minor updates to the BMW M4 GT3 display.
  • Further adjustments to the AI’s strategic decisions in different weather conditions.
  • Fixed best lap dash display item lagging behind on laps.
  • Fixed navigation and focus-related issues with mouse and controller.
  • VR: fixed missing rendering in the left eye with the combination of FSR + TAA5 + AA quality set to medium or off.

1.8.5 Hotfix


  • Fixed GT3 gen selector in Open Championship.
  • Fixed pit window length setting in Championship.
  • Mount Panorama mountain section now excluded from wet track limits.
  • Further global adjustments to the wet track limits logic.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented automatic saved games to load correctly.
  • Fixed pre-weekend AI setting not taking an effect in Open Championship.


  • Fixed keyboard/gamepad navigation in the car selection page.
  • Name abbreviation (Lumirank ID) moved to Profile info page, obsolete Nickname item removed.
  • Added leader track map indicator.


  • Adjusted windscreen wiper of the BMW M4 GT3 and raindrop effects.
  • Fixed excessive loading times in Oculus VR mode.
  • Slightly adjusted night brightness and standardized values accross tracks.
  • DLSS setting now remains inactive with incompatible hardware.
  • Fixed spray effects affecting windscreen while player car is behind pitwall.


  • Fixed aero page slider display values not updating after using the fuel test function.
  • Fixed BMW M4 GT4 wet preset’s excessive brake bias setting for Imola.
  • Adjusted aggressive preset for the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo at Mount Panorama.
  • Adusted brake bias and brake power in all setup presets of the Maserati GT4.
  • Adjusted steering ratio in the Ferrari 488 GT3 (both).
  • Adjusted steering ratio in the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (both).
  • Re-enabled aero variation readout for the Lamborghini Huracan ST and Porsche 991II GT3 Cup.
  • Removed BMW M4 and M6 GT3 extra ECU map.


  • Fixed Thrustmaster SF1000 display not functioning correctly with other TM devices connected via USB.
  • Fixed Thrustmaster SF1000 delta lap time sign error.
  • Readjusted Steer Filter range for controllers.

1.8.2 Hotfix

  • Fixed a navigation issue on the setup pitstop strategy page with D-Pad or keyboard.
  • Fixed a potential crash related to mouse navigation in menus.
  • Fixed TAB overlay leaderboard showing erroneous value for mandatory pitstops served.
  • Fixed an issue with Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo custom livery templates.
  • Fixed missing aero variation readout with the Jaguar G3 and the REX.
  • Fixed BMW M4 GT3 dash display incorrectly showing last lap time instead of best lap time.
  • Fixed occasional hang on session loading.