1.8.14 Hotfix

  • Added liveries for partner esport activities.
  • Added bonus GTWCHEU 2022 liveries.
  • Fixed a display issue of out-of-range engine map stage when using direct bindings.
    NOTE: the error only affected the display value on the HUD/dash.
  • Fixed shifted UI labels for engine map direct input settings.
    NOTE: does NOT require remapping existing input bindings.

1.8.12 Update + Challengers Pack DLC


  • Added Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II as DLC content.
  • Added BMW M2 CS Racing as DLC content.
  • Added Ferrari 488 GT3 Challenge Evo as DLC content.
  • Added Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 as DLC content.
  • Added Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Type 992) as DLC content.


  • Added UI and gameplay and Multiplayer support for new car groups introduced in the DLC.
    Grid mixing is now compatible with all car groups.
  • Next lap invalidation added for a number of tracks when extending the final corner.
  • Fixed a game crash in full-season 2021 championship when selecting a specific AMG entry.


  • Fixed an issue with the automatic setup feature erroneously compensating for water film.
  • Fixed an erroneous behaviour in bumpstop simulation.
  • Fixed reversed fast bump damper slider and new fast damping values for all cars.
  • Improved steering axis and relative FFB forces and tweaks in all cars FFB values.
    (might need slight adjustments from the user, we also remind that you can change FFB gain while driving with numerical pad keys 8 and 2)
  • Tweaks in camber gain and toe angle influence on tyre forces.
  • Tweaks in tyres rolling resistance.
  • Tweaks in tyre heating generation.
    Balancing tweaks for the following cars and track categories:
  • BMW M4 GT3 – all track groups.
  • McLaren 720S GT3 – all track groups.
  • Honda NSX GT3 Evo – all track groups.
  • Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO – all track groups.


  • Fixed Ferrari 488 GT3 offset body shadow.
  • Fixed Nissan GT-R GT3 rear light emitter clipping with bodywork.

1.8.11 Hotfix

  • Fixed a potential issue with cars in pitlane triggering yellow flags.
  • Fixed an issue with Hotlap session resetting setup when being restarted from outside the track.
  • Tyre model fine tuning.
  • Fixed negative toe acceleration issue.
  • Fixed BMW M4 GT4 wet setups 0 wing and ducts.
  • Fixed wet track limits and adjusted thresholds.
  • Revised erroneous corner exemptions with track limit warnings on a number of tracks.
  • Missing minimum driving requirement in team races now results in a SG30 rather than a Disqualification.
  • Fixed potential stutters with font cache reloading.

1.8.10 Hotfix

  • VR: TAA5 area mask optimization in stereo rendering now defaults off to remove artefacting.
  • Fixed asymmetry in some Audi R8 GT3 Evo setups.
  • Tweaks to the BMW M4 GT3 aero model.
    Balancing tweaks for the following cars and track categories:
  • BMW M4 GT3 – all track groups.
  • McLaren 720S GT3 – all track groups.
  • Zolder regrouped as D1 for 2021/Open season for better overall balance.

1.8.9 Hotfix

  • Potential fix for pitlane status and opponent invisibility getting stuck for opponent netcars in certain scenarios.
  • Added 100Hz legacy option for FFB frequency for older wheels.
  • Fixed an issue with mouse potentially stealing focus in the MFD and creating a double selection.
  • Potential fix for compatibility with some older GPUs.
  • Yellow flagged car on the track map now always shows on top.

1.8.7 Hotfix

  • Removed obsolete nickname entry from first-time driver info popup.
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour of steer assist with controllers.
  • Fixed AI selecting wrong tyres in wet sessions.
  • Fixed skip session function resetting ideal line wetness to fully dry, regardless of the conditions.
  • Fixed potential session hang with high number of opponents at Spa.
  • Fixed a potential crash scenario in saved games and weekend progression when the AI change setups.
  • Corrected Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo engine power at Mount Panorama (IGTC A).
  • Added Leaderboard overlay as bindable input.
  • HUD: increased maximum range of safe zone (margin) width.
  • VR: fixed flickering window in SteamVR when using spectatorScreenMode=0.

1.8.6 Hotfix

  • Fixed inconsistencies when editing the driver profile name abbreviation.
  • Fixed a visual issue that occasionally left the airjack visible while driving or in replay.
  • Minor updates to the BMW M4 GT3 display.
  • Further adjustments to the AI’s strategic decisions in different weather conditions.
  • Fixed best lap dash display item lagging behind on laps.
  • Fixed navigation and focus-related issues with mouse and controller.
  • VR: fixed missing rendering in the left eye with the combination of FSR + TAA5 + AA quality set to medium or off.

1.8.5 Hotfix


  • Fixed GT3 gen selector in Open Championship.
  • Fixed pit window length setting in Championship.
  • Mount Panorama mountain section now excluded from wet track limits.
  • Further global adjustments to the wet track limits logic.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented automatic saved games to load correctly.
  • Fixed pre-weekend AI setting not taking an effect in Open Championship.


  • Fixed keyboard/gamepad navigation in the car selection page.
  • Name abbreviation (Lumirank ID) moved to Profile info page, obsolete Nickname item removed.
  • Added leader track map indicator.


  • Adjusted windscreen wiper of the BMW M4 GT3 and raindrop effects.
  • Fixed excessive loading times in Oculus VR mode.
  • Slightly adjusted night brightness and standardized values accross tracks.
  • DLSS setting now remains inactive with incompatible hardware.
  • Fixed spray effects affecting windscreen while player car is behind pitwall.


  • Fixed aero page slider display values not updating after using the fuel test function.
  • Fixed BMW M4 GT4 wet preset’s excessive brake bias setting for Imola.
  • Adjusted aggressive preset for the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo at Mount Panorama.
  • Adusted brake bias and brake power in all setup presets of the Maserati GT4.
  • Adjusted steering ratio in the Ferrari 488 GT3 (both).
  • Adjusted steering ratio in the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (both).
  • Re-enabled aero variation readout for the Lamborghini Huracan ST and Porsche 991II GT3 Cup.
  • Removed BMW M4 and M6 GT3 extra ECU map.


  • Fixed Thrustmaster SF1000 display not functioning correctly with other TM devices connected via USB.
  • Fixed Thrustmaster SF1000 delta lap time sign error.
  • Readjusted Steer Filter range for controllers.