1.9.7 Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue with the visibility of the assist line at the Red Bull Ring.
  • Fixed a potential issue of teleporting the player when hitting the pitlane wall directly at the pit entry line.
  • Fixed an issue with custom championship modes.
  • Fixed GT2 label not appearing correctly in the server lobby.
  • Fixed track medal UI stars and stats not updating for the Red Bull Ring.

1.9.6 Update + GT2 DLC


  • Added Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe 2023 season as bonus content with all entries, liveries and drivers and championship season.
    NOTE: certain entries may be subject to DLC ownership.
    NOTE: as with any major update, game menu settings (stored in menuSettings.json) will likely reset on first initialization.
    IMPORTANT: reloading of Video presets will likely be necessary.
  • Added Fanatec GT2 European Series (2023 season entries) as DLC content.
  • Added Red Bull Ring as DLC content.
  • Added Audi R8 LMS GT2 as DLC content.
  • Added KTM X-BOW GT2 as DLC content.
  • Added Mercedes-AMG GT2 as DLC content.
  • Added Maserati GT2 as DLC content.
  • Added Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport Evo as DLC content.
  • Added Porsche 935 as DLC content.


  • Added 2023 as unique season available from the Single Player menu.
    IMPORTANT: since some of the existing content is now moved into dedicated seasons, some older replays or saved games might not be compatible as a result.
  • Added GT2 as unique season (as DLC).
  • Added GT2 as class in Open Series custom races and opponent mix categories.
  • Added GT2 as class in Multiplayer filters.
  • AI cars can now share pit boxes in Single Player.


  • General revision of BOP for GT3 and GT4 classes.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the AI overloading the physics thread when spawning at session start.

1.9.3 Hotfix


  • Added new McLaren 720S GT3 Evo 2023
  • Fixed an issue at Valencia with pitlane detection


  • BOP fine tuning for Bathurst
  • BOP fine tuning for Paul Ricard
  • Honda and Bentley performance improvements
  • Audi R8 LMS GT3 EvoII aeromap during yaw rotation improvements
  • Tyre model consumption tweaks
  • Tyre model slick tyres at very cold/wet temperatures tweaks
  • Ferrari 296 GT3 steering lock set at 400
  • Ferrari 296 GT3 number of ECU maps fix (no other changes)
  • Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2 fuel consumption relative to engine braking ecu maps fixed (inverted)

1.9.2 Hotfix


  • Various livery updates and added new season of Alpine Esport liveries


  • BOP fine tuning for Monza, Laguna Seca
  • Provisional BOP on various tracks for the new 2023 cars
  • Correction of graining accumulation on tyres
  • Tyre model fine tuning
  • Nissan GTR 2018 ground collision tweaks
  • Lexus ground collision tweaks

1.9.1 Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue with the Ferrari 296 GT3 in driver swaps.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the client to register on CP races.
  • Fixed a helicam focus issue at Valencia.
  • Fixed an issue with certain cars missing refuelling animations.

1.9 Update + 2023 GT World Challenge Pack DLC


  • Added Circuit Valencia Ricardo Tormo as DLC content.
  • Added new Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2 as DLC content.
  • Added new Ferrari 296 GT3 as DLC content.
  • Added new Porsche 911 (992) GT3 R as DLC content.
  • Added a batch of new liveries for the 2023 GTWCH season.


  • Added controller preset for Moza steering wheels.
  • Added support for new DLC track content in custom championship (via Open Series).
  • Fixed track selection not respecting user-defined order in Open Series championship mode.
  • Adjusted AI skill level for a number of gold and platinum-ranked drivers.


  • Fixed an issue with certain cars receiving an incorrect visual offset in their pitstop position.


  • Updated Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO with latest advancements, features, and more.
  • BOP work
  • Improved tyre model
  • Improved tyre flex
  • Improved tyre heat generation
  • Improved tyre rolling resistance simulation
  • Improved tyre footprint simulation
  • Wider tyre pressure range (slicks 26-27psi)
  • Wider tyre temperature range (slicks 70°C-100°C)
  • Improved bumpstops simulation
  • Improved suspension end of travel simulation
  • Improved dampers simulation
  • Improved electronics logic (TC1, TC2, ABS)
  • New variable engine braking simulation (Huracan EVO2)
  • Improved aeromap simulation on yaw and roll.

1.8.21 Hotfix (BOP-Update)

  • Fixed an error with DLC dependencies in Championship modes.
  • Performance updates for:
    • Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R
    • Mclaren 720S GT3
    • Honda NSX GT3 EVO
    • Porsche 991.2 GT3 R


  • Power nerf (minor) from 6500 to limiter on all tracks (minus EU B1/B2; EU C/C1/C2; EU D; BGT A; GTAM B/C)


  • Updated lift-to-drag ratio


  • Power nerf (very minor) from 7500 to limiter on all tracks (minus BGT B/D)


  • Power nerf from 5250 to 6250 on all tracks (minus EU A)

Track List: https://ac-competizione.de/bop-kategorien/

1.8.19 Hotfix

  • Added remaining 2022 GTWCHEU season liveries as bonus content.
  • Added liveries from the 2022 Indy 8 Hour as bonus content.
  • Added 2022 season selector in the UI.
  • Added 2022 season as playable Championship.
  • Moved existing 2022 season entries into the new season.
    NOTE: menuSettings.json configuration file in Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Config might reset and require certain settings (video, audio, general) to be revisited.