1.4.3 + 1.4.4 Hotfix


  • Fixed an inconsistency with the automatic setup saving logic depending on spawn location.
  • Fixed helicam jumps and sudden movements when transitioning between cars.
  • 2020 Dinamic liveries as bonus content.


  • Fixed corrupted car physics state in MP with session transitioning while still in the setup screen.

1.4.1 Hotfix


  • Hired adult drivers for the driver customization screen.


  • Revised rain indicator ranges.
  • Loading/transition screen alignment.
  • Serbian flag corrected.
  • Special events screen: placeholder image for team logo hidden until replacement.
  • Special events screen: D-pad navigation correction when in VR mode.
  • Tyre widget now displays compound name for opponent cars in MP.


  • Russian: changed descriptive translations of PSI units to just PSI.

Version 1.4 Update


  • New special event system allowing the creation and management of special events independently from client updates.


  • Adjusted track limit penalty tolerances for straight-away DT and SG penalties.
  • Post-time DT and SG conversions revised.
  • Fixed crash in the last round of the official IGT championship when playing with the Walkenhorst entry.
  • Removed invalid lap message for outlap.


  • Brand-new special events page with leaderboard history.
  • Brand-new driver customization UI page. Accessible from the Driver page and by pressing on the driver tile in the car showroom when viewing a custom car.
    Allows player to customize player outfit and also fictional team mates for Single Player game modes.
    Player outfits are also applied in Multiplayer.
  • Added rating summary on MP pages.
  • Updated track status and weather status indicators to provide a better indication of track conditions and weather forecast.
  • Added communication message for track limits without further action.

1.3.11 Hotfix

  • Fixed a potential crash when using trackIR with helmet camera.
  • Added ignition/engine running indicator to speedo/rpm widget.
  • MFD will now only store its state when HUD is removed from screen (potential fix for stutter when cycling MFD pages after HDD power down)
  • Fixed currently viewed car label indicating wrong car brand in replay under specific conditions.
  • Fixed nationality information not transferring correctly for MP opponents in the broadcast HUD.
  • Broadcast HUD TAB leaderboard now scrolls on mouse input.
  • Fixed MP car showroom not displaying cars when official filter was selected under specific conditions.
  • Tyre tearing model fine tuning.
  • Audi R8 EVO preset setups strategies fixes.
  • Huracan EVO fine tuning.
  • Huracan ST Paul Ricard aggressive setup.
  • Huracan ST preheated tyres fix.
  • Wet tyres rear radius correction.
  • Minor rearrangement of the lights and ignition indicators.
  • Fixed the flash light HUD indicator getting stuck in the Mercedes.

1.3.10 Hotfix


  • Numerous 2020 liveries as special bonus content.


  • Free game modes (QR and CRW) now always use the same logic for opponent generation to maximize opponent count in the given season instead of event.
  • Added AI forced pitstop protections to avoid double pits (forced pitting will now wait for the scheduled if stint ends in less than 10 minutes, except for fuel).
  • Fixed race flags during win flags (wrong finish line comms).
  • Fixed missing deflated tyre (puncture) state in saved games.
  • Early yellow/white flag spotter warning / removed it when too close or during pit.
  • Cars are now ghosted during formation lap also in SP.
  • Quick Race and Custom Race Weekends modes now work like MP in terms of numberplate/banner sponsoring.


  • Reworked spawn/despawn replay cars to avoid increasing memory allocation on random access in MP replays.
  • Fixed no focused car on start of the spectator replays (and consequential HUD issues).
  • Fixed MP car spawing/despawing during rewind replay.
  • Fixed wrong driver during highlights for swap driver replays.
  • Fixed pit barriers for gallery replay.

1.3.8 Hotfix

  • Sponsorship related updates for the SRO eSports event.
  • All formation lap types now ghost cars during the formation lap until the green flag by design (only available for private servers).
  • Added event-specific formation lap types for private servers (4 and 5, please wait for updated server manual for more information).
  • Tolerance tweaks for the scripted formation type.