GT4 – DLC für Konsole verfügbar

Ab Heute ist das GT4 – DLC für die Konsolenversionen von Assetto Corsa Competizione verfügbar. Es enthält die offiziellen GT4 – Fahrzeuge und die entsprechenden Skins. Diese lassen sich in einer ebenfalls neu hinzugefügten GT4 – Meisterschaft spielen.

  • Alpine A110 GT4 (7 new liveries)
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT4 (7 new liveries)
  • Audi R8 LMS GT4 (4 new liveries)
  • BMW M4 GT4 (8 new liveries)
  • Chevrolet Camaro GT4R (2 new liveries)
  • Ginetta G55 GT4 (1 new liveries)
  • KTM X-Bow GT4 (3 new liveries)
  • Maserati MC GT4 (1 new liveries)
  • McLaren 570S GT4 (5 new liveries)
  • Mercedes AMG GT4 (10 new liveries)
  • Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport (4 new liveries)

Playstation 4:

Xbox One

1.5.7 Hotfix


  • Fixed pit exit erroneously triggering blue flag when driving near the wall at the start-finish line on Laguna Seca.
  • Fixed pit entry erroneously triggering blue flag when driving near the pit entrance wall on Kyalami.
  • Fixed a potential inconsistency with track limit warnings accumulated on existing pending penalties.
  • Fixed an inconsistency when serving a drive-through penalty without having the serve penalty checkbox selected.


  • Slight adjustments to the 2019 GT3 season balance of performance.
  • Slight adjustments to the 2019 GT4 season balance of performance.


  • Decreased streaming memory pool in EPIC texture setting preset to prevent potential video memory overload on mid/high-range cards.

1.5.6 Hotfix


  • Fixed an issue with receiving a time penalty when a car was performing a pitstop would clear without getting added to the pitstop time.
  • Server: fixed an issue in the server that would prevent the result.json to be populated by lap data when the server was restarted due to all clients disconnecting.
  • Fix to the crash that occurred with the Chevrolet Camaro GT4R on driver swap.
  • Server: fixed erroneous car visibility in certain situations with limited opponent visibility.


  • Fixed an issue when a puncture caused by excessive tyre wear would compromise the suspension geometry upon returning to the garage.
    Similarly to other puncture scenarios (pressure loss and flatspotting), the punctured tyre is now „patched up“ after a pitstop/in garage but remains in a critical condition and is not to be reused.
  • Adjustments to wet tyre wear in different temperatures.


  • Corrected credits page image compression.
  • More detailed tyre condition indicator in the Pitstop MFD page for used tyre sets
    NOTE: ranges from white to black based on the worst property of the worst tyre of the set.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented dry tyre set 1 to be selected in the pitstop MFD when the car was on wet tyres.
  • Fixed UI leaderboard erroneously showing placeholder entry with no laptimes to show.


  • Corrected windscreen wiper mask for the Mercedes-AMG GT4.

Konsolen – Update im September

Für die Konsolen – Versionen von Assetto Corsa Competizione hat Kunos soeben ein weiteres Update angekündigt, welches in der ersten Septemberwoche erscheinen soll:

Die Veränderungen betreffen im Allgemeinen:


  • Fahrer / Team – Anpassungen für selbst erstellte Autos


  • Realtime – Streckenübersicht in der Box
  • Übersetzungsanpassungen für alle Sprachen


  • Neue voreingestellte Lenkrad – Profile für Lenkräder aller Marken
  • Leichte Anpassungen am Force Feedback
  • Logitech G923: Anpassungen des maximalen Lenkeinschlags
  • Force Feedback für verschiedene Fanatec – Lenkräder jetzt verfügbar
  • Scheinwerfer bei Nacht mit Qualitätsverbesserungen
  • Speicherfix, der Crash beim öffnen des Hauptmenüs nach einem Rennen behebt
  • Crashfix bei der Auswahl gewisser Autos im Rennen
  • Speicherfix für Crashs bei Beginn eines Rennen


  • Im Client sind nun die Autos der Server in Klassen anzeigbar


  • Verbesserungen bei Sounds für Curbs und Astroturf
  • Bessere Audio – Feedback für Bremstemperatur und Verschleiß
  • Allgemeines Feintuning

1.5.5 Hotfix


  • Time penalties issued by the race admin are now served on the next pitstop as per real life.
    Opens up the possibility of „pitstop ballasts“ in organized events with mandatory pitstops.
    Time penalties that are not served will be added to the total time on session finish as before.
  • Server: fixed an issue with post-session state management in Multiplayer.
  • Serveable penalties (DT, SG) are no longer forced into a to-serve state by default when the car is in the pitlane.
    Avoids scenarios where cars can become compromised when receiving an admin penalty inside the pitlane or when already performing a pitstop.
  • Server: post-race time penalties are now applied to the final results on session complete state.
    NOTE: Final results are calculated when the last car on track crosses the finish line or when the „sessionOverTimeSeconds“ phase is up.
    NOTE: When post-race penalties are added to the car’s total time, the penalty labels on the leaderboard/standings turn from red to grey.
  • Severity of converted post-race time penalties are now track dependent to factor in longer pitlanes (e.g. at Spa).
  • Server: detection of idle players so that the race complete state (and result generation) does not wait for the session overtime to be over if there are idle cars in pitlane.
  • Revised polesitter side on all tracks (both Singleplayer and Multiplayer).
  • Fixed an issue at Monza where the pitlane status occasionally failed to disable on pit exit.

1.5.4 Hotfix


  • Monza: corrected pit entry detection zone.


  • German localization: removed unnecessary translation for AM cup.
  • Corrected reversed blinker symbols on the HUD.
  • Corrected headlight symbol error in certain localizations.
  • Fixed post session corrupted setups.


  • KTM X-Bow GT4 Laguna Seca wet preset fix.
  • Porsche Cayman GT4 fuel consumptions in preset setups and AI fuel consumption fix.
  • Aston Martin V8 GT4 TC and ABS setup values fix.
  • Gearbox logic waits for gear to engage before accepting another gear input. Fixes spamming downshifts and overreving.


  • Airjack positions adjusted on GT4 cars.

1.5.2 Hotfix


  • Added a minimum pitstop time of 1 second for stop&go-style mandatory stops.


  • Realtime widget: fixed inaccurate gap values versus cars in pitlane during race sessions.
  • Realtime widget: fixed incorrect gaps to cars ahead of the focused car when there are cars in pitlane in between and reduced likelihood of gap spikes.
  • Realtime widget: cars in pitlane are now filtered during non-race sessions if the focused car is on track.
  • Realtime widget: more accurate gap calculation for cars stopped on track.
  • Removed automatic brake change check in the MFD Pitstop strategy unless the brakes are worn out.
  • SetupPage: added „use current pressures“ button in the pit strategy panel which copies the current setup’s tyre pressures to the currently active pit strategy.

1.5.3 Hotfix


  • Brakepad lifespan/durability adjustments.


  • Corrected mandatory pitstop rules for GT4 championship.


  • Silverstone: shortened collision-disabled area after the pitlane exit.


  • Fix for broadcast HUD’s standings class (Overall/GT3/GT4) title clipping.
  • Fixed brakepad change selector not assigning the correct pads for the rear brakes in the Pitstop MFD.

Update für PS4 und Xbox One angekündigt

Das Entwicklungsteam von Kunos arbeitet derzeitig an einem Update für die Konsole. Ein Veröffentlichungstag ist noch nicht bekannt, allerdings wurde auf der Webseite von 505games angekündigt, worin die Änderungen bestehen werden:


  • Private Lobbys


  • Crashfix bei betreten und verlassen von Rennen
  • Netzwerkmeldungs-Fehler bei Special-Events
  • Übersetzungsfehler für die Ingame Ratings
  • Bezeichnungen in den Menüs zur Controller-Konfiguration
  • Performance-Verbesserungen für PS4 Pro und Xbox One X


  • Warnung zum Update der Firmware
  • Connection und stability fixes für verschiedene Lenkräder
  • Force-Feedback-Änderungen für ein besseres Gefühl auf der Konsole
  • Fehler bei der Lenkungs-Sensivität
  • Aktivierung der Straßeneffekte für das Force-Feedback (vorher ohne Funktion)
  • Deaktivierung verschiedener Kameraperspektiven (via Keyboard erreichbar bisher)