0.3.1 Hotfix

– Enabled Chat Widget in Multiplayer Mode
– Fixed laptimes not showing up in Special Event leaderboards 
– Fixed label switch in singleplayer mode 
– Fixed label name during Replay after a restart 
– Fixed Starting camera if when it has saved custom offset 
– Fixed Spotter saying „go go go“ message twice after pitstop
– accServer improvements and diagnostics
– Added message for possible Multiplayer downtimes 
– Temporarily disabled pitstop during Replay
– Temporary fix for BMW M6 GT3 fuel consumption. The setup fuel estimate remains broken, fix on next release 
– Tyre scrub/vibration FFB fine tuning 
– Fixed missing D-Pad navigation for „Brake ducts“ and „Caster“ options in Setup Page
– Fixed help text not changing when hovering options in MatchMaking Advanced options page 
– Fixed MatchMaking Advanced options „Preferred drivers count“ decrementing by 2 when confirmed 
– Improved positional sound for exteriors 
– Reworked distance attenuation, distance filter and reverb dynamic for exterior sounds (still WIP) 
– Improved remote car movement for speeds below ~30 kmh

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