Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.3 update + Intercontinental GT Pack DLC


  • Enabled Intercontinental GT Challenge Pack DLC (requires additional purchase).
  • Adding 4 new tracks, a lot of new entries and relevant season and game modes:
    Mount Panorama Circuit
    WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca
    Suzuka Circuit
    Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit
  • Added IGTC 2019 entries and liveries.
  • Added IGTC 2019 championship mode.
  • Added IGTC race weekend modes (8H, 9H, 10H and 12H race weekend).
  • Fix to occasional freezes with Fanatec wheels caused by having the Fanatec LED option enabled without using Fanatec hardware.
  • Shared memory unmapping when quitting the game.


  • Fix for incorrect driver stint limits in Custom Race Weekend mode.
  • Fixed checkered flags seen as real flags in final race sector.
  • Fixed drive-through penalty for exceeding driver stint and added S&G penalty in case of double violation.
  • Pitlane logic moved from trigger to surface system for more reliable detection.
  • Fixed replay driver info memory occupation.
  • Better recognition of non-overtake highlights during incidents.
  • Collision enabler has been changed to overlap-based system.
    Collisions are enabled by mesh and no longer based on distance – fixes rare occasions when cars spawned too close to one another and continued to have no collision after the green light.
  • New spawn system and track slots sorting:
    Grid and fast start spawns are built at runtime, pitlane slots are sorted by spline.
  • Reduced yellow flag threshold for offtrack cars.
  • Added replay event type dependency in gallery replays (replay version changed).
  • Reviewed formation lap and start triggers.
  • Fixed issue with destructible objects in gallery replays.


  • UI integration for DLC.
  • Fixed MFD pitstop validity with pit window rules to be green already while on the track.
    Pitstop is now shown valid in the MFD before entering pitlane when all conditions are met.
  • Navigation: restored damage MFD selection logic to correct one.
  • MP and Championship car selection boxes now point to the new showroom.
  • Appearance update to normal/high/max priority race communication messages.
  • Added more highlighted player-specific communication messages.
  • Communication panel positioning and minimum message priority exposed as options in the HUD options screen.
    Previously used center position can be restored via the HUD options.
  • Added engine map setting display to the clutch bar in the gear widget.
  • General styling updates to the gear widget.
  • MFD tyreset condition indicator added in the pit strategy page of the MFD.
    Brand new sets are marked white, used sets are marked with a black dot for easier selection on the fly.
  • MFD pit strategy now shows both fuel to add and total fuel calculation.
  • HUD and real-time widget now use official position from race start to the first split to show more reliable positions at the start and less flickering.
  • „Randomize“ button is now part of the Custom weather group.
  • Fixed camera cycle inconsistency in replay when the car is in the pits (difference in cycle up vs. down).
  • Weather forecast widget sensitivity increased.
  • Added green lights widget with setting to be disabled via HUD options.
  • Real-time page update in the MFD to account for lapped cars and large gaps that are not relevant for the player.
  • Extra highlighting for the player row in the real time position widget for easier tracking.


  • Fixed near plane with F7 free camera (now depends on camera distance from the focused car).
  • Alternative rendering method for marbles.
    NOTE: works only when material quality is set to MID (should help when using FXAA).
  • Additional custom templates for the Porsche 991II GT3 Cup and Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo cars.
  • Improved car visibility system when max opponent visibility setting is used.
    Cars in pitlane should now be ignored when on track to not steal focus for cars driving in front. Cars in front also have render priority over cars behind the player.
  • Disabled behind-player-car light cone optimization for opponent cars in chasecam and dashpro views to fix an unwanted pop-in effect.
  • 3D grass updates on all tracks.
  • Unique display brightness curves for individual tracks.
  • Fixed national flags going hectic during the pause menu.
  • Updated season-independent numberplate/banner layouts for custom cars and custom game modes in all seasons.
  • Fix for issue with car decals when car visibility limit is used.


  • All cars BOP assignments for IGTC circuits.
  • All cars have now safe, aggressive and wet presets for new IGTC circuits.
  • Audi R8 LMS EVO new Spa aggressive preset.
  • Bentley 2018 new Spa aggressive setup.
  • Honda NSX GT3 (old) new Silverstone aggressive preset.
  • Honda NSX GT3 EVO rev limiter tweaks.
  • Lexus RC F GT3 all presets modified brake balance.
  • Slipstream optimization in CPU performance with many AI cars.
  • Chassis flex optimization in CPU performance with many AI cars.
  • Slipstream simulation fine tuning. Leading car now gains less speed, while following car gains more.
  • Tyre model fine tuning. Pressure sensitivity and influence on flex and slip angle/ratio.
  • Wet tyre wear and grip adjustments.
  • Slick tyres now drain less water on wet track.
  • Porsche 991II GT3-R performance tweaks on sprint circuits.
  • Optimizations to AI CPU occupancy.
  • Fixed brake wear after loading a saved game.
  • Fixed occasional bug with broken suspensions when pitting after loading a saved game.
  • Fix for MoTeC not saving if username had special characters.
  • MoTeC now exports in 200hz frequency for suspension travel, wheel speed, dampers and relative math channels.
  • MoTeC new channels export on/off when suspension travel touches bumpstops.
  • Improved engine response at low revs and manual clutch release scenarios for easier starts.
    Also improves driveability for „starting over grass after a spin“ scenarios.
  • Less sensitive launch control activation.
    Now needs almost 100% accelerator to engage. Improves slow launches with clutch without engaging always.


  • Improved „Green flag“ message timing at the race start.
  • New crew chief/spotter messages.


  • All tracks in base content now have 50 slots for private MP.
  • Server formation trigger is set 500m earlier when full-lap formation is used.
  • Cars are now always positioned in 45 degrees in FP and Q sessions.
  • Player car is now locked until green flag + 20 seconds when teleported from the grid or formation lap.
  • Added IGTC tracks to server configuration: kyalami_2019, mount_panorama_2019, suzuka_2019, laguna_seca_2019.
    NOTE: non-DLC owners can also set up servers with DLC tracks.
  • Formation lap type is now configurable via settings.json: New system (default), old system (with limiter), free (for private servers)
  • New Formation lap type for Multiplayer, including position tracking widget – to be used in official and CP servers and optional in private MP servers.
  • In „Single file“ phase, player must follow the target widget, it should be relaxed enough to allow for warming up tyres and brakes.
    Being out of target by significant margins results in teleport to pits.
  • In „Double file“ phase, players should find their target position as soon as possible and hold speed and side once there.
  • In „Pre-green“ phase (when the speed delta appears), players must lock their speed to the delta.
    Speeding or moving out of lateral and longitudinal position during the pre-green phase grants a penalty based on severity.
    The system works on a protect-the-innocent basis, the player can ignore what other cars are doing around them, the important thing to pay attention to is their own position and speed.
    Collisions are disabled during the formation lap and regained once any overlap is ended.
  • New dynamic fast formation spawns for MP.
  • Server and client penalties now correctly accumulate.
  • Server post-race time penalties are now applied on top of mid-race penalties.
  • Pitlane speeding in non-race sessions no longer disqualifies the player, only teleports the client back to the pits.
  • Fixed missing lap countdown for Race Control penalties.
  • Temporarily disabled server settings: „isRaceLocked“ (active by default) and event rules „driverStintTimeSec“ and „maxTotalDrivingTime“.
  • Updated server admin handbook to provisional version 6a.


  • Added new track medals for DLC owners.
  • TR rating now scales dependent on DLC ownership.
  • SA Trust generation adjustments.
  • CP servers will run DLC tracks in a parallel schedule.
  • CP servers will adaptively select DLC tracks on unknown track days when a large majority of registrations owns the DLC.