1.3.2 Hotfix

  • Cleared leftover pit strategies from all car preset setups.
  • All car preset setups tyreset is now set to the default set 1.
  • Updated race number generator when non-unique numbers are used.
  • Start procedure triggers revised for Mount Panorama.
  • Added lateral position indicator when delta speed is active in scripted formation.
  • Various minor livery updates.
  • Added option to disable the audio driver selection to use the default OS driver:
    „enableAudioDriverSelection“ in moduleenabler.json.
  • MP: Servers will let team members join as spectators, independently of the isRaceLocked state.
  • MP: Added server admin commands /sg10, /sg20, /sg30 and /clear_all (clears all penalties from all cars).
  • MP: Scripted formation reliability improvements.
  • MP: Fixed entries for a special configuration of entry lists.
  • MP: Server will now write .txt files into the „current“ folder, which implies the logging purposes better.
    NOTE: it is recommended to clear this folder.
  • MP: Renamed current/setting.json to current/settings.txt.
  • MP: Entrylist property defaultGridPosition is now 1-based, resulting in 1:1 grid positions (ie 1 is pole, 13 is really 13).
  • MP: Fixed an issue where defaultGridPosition would always start with position 2.
  • MP: Incremented the server version, please update the servers.
  • MP: Added server handbook version 7.

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