1.3.4 Hotfix

  • Fixed inconsistent F6 cameras for some of the Evo cars.
  • Driver stint message now correctly follows if maximum driving time left is shorter than the current stint time.
  • Fixed „Max Time Left“ widget behaviour in single-car sessions.
  • MP: Fixed damage not resetting for swapped cars.
  • MP: Added live electronics settings transferring across swaps (TC, ABS, BBias, Map).
  • MP: Added new chat command to hand over the car during FP and Q sessions:
    „§swap X“ (where X is the number of the target driver in the team list; 1 selects the first entry).
    (§ character is alt+21 if not on your keyboard)
  • Rating: Fixed wrong rating data when loading savegames or swapping into cars.
  • MP: Added server admin handbook v7.

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