GO Setups: Interview mit CEO Jordan Sherratt

Assetto Corsa Competizione ist mittlerweile seit drei Jahren fester Bestandteil der Simracing-Szene. Die Rennen sind selbst im Public-Bereich kompetitiv wie nie und ein gutes Setup für das eigene Fahrzeug kann durchaus zwischen Sieg und Niederlage entscheiden.

Wie es bereits seit Jahren in Simulationen wie iRacing gang und gäbe ist, gibt es auch für ACC verschiedene Anbieter von fertigen Setup-Paketen auf dem Markt. Diese setzen E-Sportler und andere Experten ein, um für alle Fahrzeug- und Streckenkombinationen Setups anzubieten, die auch Hobbypiloten ein gutes Fahrgefühl ermöglichen sollen. Die Angebote enthalten in der Regel Einstellungen für Rennen und Qualifikation und wurden in einigen Stunden Setuparbeit durch Profis erstellt.

GO Setups

Mit dem Anbieter GO Setups ist seit einigen Monaten ein neuer Anbieter auf dem Markt, welcher sich aktuell noch ausschließlich auf die Simulation Assetto Corsa Competizione konzentriert. Die Seite, welche von Andrea Capoccia, Giorgio Simonini und Jordan Sherratt ins Leben gerufen wurden kann zusätzlich auf vier Fahrer des GTWR Esports Team zurückgreifen, welche für die Setuparbeit zuständig sind.

Aktuell gibt es verschiedene Setup-Bundles sowie Setups für einzelne Strecken im Angebot bei GO Setups. Folgende Preise werden dabei ausgerufen:

  • Einzelne Fahrzeug / Streckenkombination: £5,99
  • American Bundle für ein Fahrzeug: £7,99
  • Full Bundle (ohne American Bundle): £22,99
  • Full Bundle + American Bundle: £26,99

Folgende Setups sind dafür jeweils pro Strecke enthalten

  • E Quali
  • S Quali
  • E Rennen
  • S Rennen

E stands for Esports – more aggressive and fully optimized to extract everything out of the car for either Qualifying or Race Conditions.
S stands for Safe – more on the safer side so that anyone can drive them. A little slower then the Esports Setups but a good base to start off before progressing to the Esport Setups.


Jordan Sherratt im Interview

Jordan Sherratt hat sich bereit erklärt einige Fragen zu sich und zu GO Setups als Anbieter zu beantworten. Als Ergänzung hierzu werden als nächster Schritt einige der angebotenen Setups auf Her und Nieren überprüft.

Question: Tell us something about yourself: How did you get into simracing and since when have you been active?

I was fortunate enough to come from the real world of racing and due to finances I had to stop in 2017. This lead to me to Simracing in 2020 and taking it more professionally then just a casual hobby thanks to my brother who imitated the process.

Jordan Sherratt

Question: How did you come up with the idea of founding a site for ACC setups together with Andrea Capoccia and Giorgio Simonini?

Simracing in general is very hard for professional sim racers to make a living off and part of our goal initially was how do we make this happen and in the long term grow the Simracing Industry. So the idea of creating a Setup store was the perfect idea. Bringing our knowledge and expertise to the industry as professional Esport Drivers with the goal of helping the already “Alien” drivers and casual sim drivers.

Jordan Sherratt

Question: How did you put together the current team of drivers? What qualities did you pay particular attention to when choosing them?

Our process of selecting drivers for the job was quite extensive. As our goal is to provide the best Setups to the Market – we had to choose selectively. The qualities we looked for were firstly if they are reliable and hardworking. As consistency is the most important thing for our customers. Speed of course is something but it was more about understanding setups and how cars behave and understanding how to balance and read cars theoretically. As the setup building process is not easy, even with the little tricks here and there that ACC requires – it’s a lot more then that.

Jordan Sherratt

Question: How do you think your offer differs from the other competitors on the market?

Simply, i think we provide the most premium and consistent setups through the different cars due to our teams deep knowledge in every car. E-Sport setups can vary from scary loose but fast which only a few can drive to safer but still just as fast, and this is where I think we have the edge on getting that perfect balance between the two where anyone can drive. We also include Esport Setups and Safer Alternatives in each Bundle/Track combination so every customer has a variety to choose from which sets us apart from the competition.

Jordan Sherratt

Question: How much time can a beginner / advanced simracer get out of your setups?

This is very hard to answer. However, majority of our customers are finding anywhere from .3 to 1sec depending on their skill level.

Jordan Sherratt

Question: How much time do you invest per vehicle / track / combination?

This varies from track to track. However on average it takes around 2-4 hours for a car/track combination. We don’t stop driving until we are 100% happy with the end product.

Jordan Sherratt

Question: On your website you offer updates to setups for one year after purchase. How often do you plan to update the setups?

In terms of updates, with any small and major tire update this is all included no matter how small or big it is. As well as, we frequently go back and revisit certain car/track combinations if we find anything else in the setups. This is key to us being set apart from our competitors as we continuously aim to improve and share any new knowledge found from our extensive testing.

Jordan Sherratt

Question: Do you intend to offer setups for other simulations in addition to ACC?

Yes, we have plans in the pipeline to go into iRacing and potentially Rennsport depending on how the Simulator develops.

Jordan Sherratt

Question: Will there be a subscription model in addition to the individual setups and packages in the future?

Yes, very very soon. This won’t just be an ordinary subscription model, but something that we go the extra mile as a team to help our customers!

Jordan Sherratt

Question: By when do you want to have all vehicles covered in ACC?

With our current trajectory releasing a car every 1-2 weeks, our goal would be to have all cars done by the Jan/Feb 2023

Jordan Sherratt

Question: Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about GO Setups?

Go Setups was formed to make your experience in ACC better! We go the extra mile in customer support to help with any queries that you may have. We are not just a business but more a family and community bridging the gap for anyone that may want to become an Esport Professional or just the casual sim racer who wants to improve with top tier setups.

Jordan Sherratt