1.0.3 Hotfix (beta)


  • Audio optimizations to lower the memory footprint.
  • Fixes to overall game stability and added logging.


  • Fixed a rare bug that failed to turn on the ignition in AI cars.
  • Fixed driver swap missing in Race 2 of career race weekends.
  • Fixed autosave not storing tyre set wear data.
  • Fixed random weather not randomizing ambient temperature.
  • Fixed potential issue not auto saving replays


  • Fixed disabled driver foot animations in the Mercedes-AMG GT3.


  • Revamped controller options menu, allowing keyboard, direct-input and X-input customization.
    NOTE: old controller presets will continue to work.
  • Fixed widget position when the car crosses the finish line.
  • Camera movement and look-with-wheel sliders activate/deactivate in relevant camera modes.
  • Fixed a bug on the weather page that allowed rain level without cloud level after entering the page.
  • Fixed confusing behaviour of random track button on the weather UI.
  • Fixed weather summary incorrectly reporting dynamic weather disabled with random weather on.
  • Fixed podium sequence not responding to mapped pause key.
  • Fixed championship AI aggression being incorrectly limited to 80-100%.
  • Default championship settings updated.
  • Resume button added inside the main Championship and Career pages.
  • Revised layout organization of race-end messages.
  • Fixed wind speed not being absolute value.


  • Mouse in VR: added wheel and scroll bar support.
  • Fix to the HUD stereo layer clipping with the car geometry.


  • Solved „No CP server in your region“ display for users that should actually see them.
  • Server pings are now displayed accurately in the UI.
  • The „too slow for Eau Rouge“ fix introduced in 1.0.1 is now more accurate.
  • Fixed a an issue where cars can load without setup (=no ABS/TC) applied / HUD invisible.
  • Entrylists can now use „isAdmin“ as intended.
  • Entrylists can now use „overrideDriverInfo“ as intended.
  • Added ServerAdminHandbook v1 to the server folder.

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