1.0.6 Hotfix


  • Fixed a potential crash when resuming career and championship.
  • Added first implementation of blue flags during qualifications.
  • Tweaked MP highlights to avoid unnecessary out-of-track highlights.


  • Sprint Race driver assignment now matches real-life rules. (Drivers are designated to Q1, Q2, R1, and R2 based on license).


  • Added chat window on Multiplayer menu screens.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could remain stuck in the podium animation sequence when using VR.
  • Fixed wrong default tyre set when opening MFD pitstop page without going to setup before the session.
  • Fixed MFD not updating in non-interactive phases.
  • Removed engine repair option from MFD.
  • Relocated „lock to horizon“ setting from video settings to view/camera settings page.
  • Now possible to save driver profile with a blank nickname.
  • All setup strategies start from 0 litres of fuel instead of 2.
  • MFD now correctly shows 0 fuel to add from pit strategy.
  • Player now receives alert of pitlane speeding in real time, not at the end of the pitlane.
  • Disabled an obsolete PP effect that resulted in heavy GPU load in the user interface with ultra-high resolutions.
  • Pit window message now includes a timer with time left until it closes.


  • Reworked audio bank loading logic.
  • Reworked pitlane audio listener priority.
  • Improved exterior and blow-off valve sounds for Ferrari 488 GT3
  • Volume level minor tweaks


  • Server admins can assign a free formation lap (without limiter) via /manual start during the wait time.
  • Private servers can set up a full formation lap via „shortFormationLap“: 0 in the settings.json.
  • „Setup“ cannot be selected as Spectator.
  • Fixed Pit MFD page not always visible in driver swap scenarios.
  • Improved timing accuracy in driver swap scenarios.
  • Session overtime will now be skipped in more clever ways.
  • Fixed HUD disappearing under certain circumstances.


  • Fixed Mercedes-AMG GT3 excessive fuel consumption.
  • Fixed setup UI showing excessive blistering and graining values.
  • Fixed aggressive setup selection for Porsche GT3 at Nurburgring.
  • Fixed Mercedes GT3 brands hatch aggressive setup TC, ABS and ECU values.
  • Bentley 2018 ECU is not zero-based (starts from 1).
  • Porsche 991 GT3 R ECU maps between wet and aggressive setup corrected (now inverted).

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