Patch 1.65 für die Konsole verfügbar

Ab sofort ist Patch 1.65 für die PlayStation und Xbox verfügbar:


  • Fixed issues with the Career mode crashing on completion of a Test race.
  • Fixed issues with the Career mode trophies ‚Sprint‘, ‚Tour‘ and ‚Marathon‘ not unlocking.
  • Fixed issues when saving replays/highlights with improved messaging.
  • Individual driver lap times can be seen by selecting them in the Timetables.
  • Timetables overview added to the replay HUD.
  • Added SAS display to some car interiors displaying race flags.
  • Fixed car skins were not loading correctly in the front-end.
  • Improvements to the pit stop MFD.
  • Added full track map option in the racing HUD.
  • General UI and navigation improvements.
  • Button assignment issue fixed.
  • Custom driver showroom team panel issue fixed.
  • Various minor bug fixes.


  • Updated SDKs for Logitech and Thrustmaster wheels